About Pilates 

Developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s, the original Pilates Method was primarily used by dancers and gymnasts.  The method proved to be very successful and has since evolved with our increased knowledge of healthy biomechanical movement.   Today, Pilates can greatly benefit anyone seeking to improve their posture, fitness and mobility.  

Described as an 'intelligent exercise', Pilates is suitable for all ages and abilities.   It is a safe form of exercise and is recommended by physiotherapists and osteopaths for a wide range of rehabilitation goals including alleviating back pain.  Pilates is great for athletes, golfers, swimmers, tennis players and those playing more extreme sports.  It is also ideal for people who are sedentary or sit for long periods.  It is perfect for those of us just wishing to have a better body and improve the way we look, feel and move. Pilates strengthens and tones deep, postural core muscles resulting in a stronger, leaner body and ease of movement.

For more information on how Pilates was developed, have a look at the video below.

The Benefits of Pilates

The many benefits of Pilates include:

  • improved posture, 
  • improved mobility
  • ease of movement
  • better flexibility, 
  • increased muscle tone, 
  • strengthened pelvic floor, 
  • reduced injuries, 
  • reduced wear and tear
  • improved bone density, 
  • improved breathing, 
  • improved co-ordination and balance 

          and many, many more.  

Pilates movement can benefit everyone, whoever you are, whatever your lifestyle and whatever your age.  Whether you are an athlete, a busy mum, a busy executive, have chronic pain, want to avoid injuries, or just want to move, then Pilates can help you.  So, if you stand, walk or run, sit at a computer or drive a car, play football, golf or tennis, ski, swim, cycle -  then we can work together to make your movement free and easier. 

"When all your muscles are properly develped, you will, as a matter of course, perform your work with minimum effort and maximum pleasure "

                                             Joseph Pilates

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