About Us

At the Pilates WareHouse our highly motivated teachers are passionate about Pilates and the many benefits it can bring. Our teaching style encourages the development of kinesthetic awareness during Pilates practise to help you to achieve an ease of movement and an efficiency when using the body.   We want to bring you all the benefits of smaller classes, with high quality teaching and close supervision.   We will explore movement patterns and strategies, individual to you, so that the gains you make within the sessions will also continue when you leave us and return to your usual activities. We also work closely with local Physiotherapy and Osteopathy services to ensure our clients are well supported.

Gwen Burns

Gwen has a background in neurological and neurosurgical nursing, caring for people with a range of problems including reduced mobility, muscle wasting and paralysis.   She is a fully qualified Mat and Full Studio Equipment Pilates teacher.   Her training with the world renowned Polestar Pilates Education Program emphasised healthy biomechanical movement to improve function and aid rehabilitation.   She is also part of the teacher-training programme for Polestar Pilates UK.  She continues to upskill with ongoing training in Pilates as well as completing Gary Carter’s Anatomy and Myofascial Movement Course and training in Applied Functional Science.  Gwen is enthusiastic and nurturing in her teaching style and she passionately believes in Pilates and healthy movement and the potential to change bodies and improve health.   She is able to draw on her professional experience and extensive training to support people who want to improve their mobility, fitness and performance or to help those with more specific rehabilitational needs.

Sue Welham

Sue has been practising Pilates for over 10 years.  She started Pilates classes after experiencing chronic lower back pain and found that the techniques gave her strategies to help avoid repeat episodes.  She is also a Masters swimmer.  Through Pilates Sue has increased awareness of her body positioning and movement, helping her to improve performance and increase efficiency in the water and to avoid injury.  Sue has successfully completed her certification in the Comprehensive Studio Pilates Teacher Training with Polestar Pilates.  She has completed further training with Gary Carter in Anatomy and Myofascial Movement and also completed training in Massage.  She is passionate about Pilates and believes that everyone can gain from a better understanding and awareness of their own movements in everyday life.


Fay Roberts

Fay’s background is in social work with children and families.  Fay was a working mum with two young children and her work was both sedentary and stressful.  She suffered with recurrent low back pain for a few years.   After another bad flare-up, Fay was recommended that she try Pilates by her osteopath.  Her life changed when she discovered reformer Pilates in 2006.  From her very first class, she found that Pilates helped enormously with her pain and was also an excellent stress reliever.  In 2015 Fay decided to transform her life by changing her passion into her career and she began training to be a Pilates teacher with Polestar Pilates.  Fay loves sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm about all things health and wellness and strongly believes that the practice of Pilates can transform anybody’s body, mind and life, as it has her own.  

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