What will I need to wear?

Pilates Involves moving around on the floor or the Pilates equipment so it's best to wear comfortable clothing.  As the instructor needs to see your body during the movements, it's best to avoid anything too baggy.  You will not need trainers as Pilates is practised barefoot, please leave shoes in the shoe rack downstairs near the entrance.  

What is a Reformer?

A Reformer is a bed-like frame with a moving (sliding) carriage. It is amazingly versatile and movements can be performed whilst lying down, sitting, facing forwards, facing back, sideways, kneeling, standing…and so on.  There is no limit to the opportunities to move using the reformer.  Springs provide assistance or resistance depending on what you are trying to achieve.  Reformer Pilates can benefit anyone with any level of fitness or previous experience. 

Is Pilates just for women?

Definitely Not!  Pilates is for anyone who is interested in moving well and improving their body.  It is used by many sportsmen and athletes to improve their performance and agility. It's great for golf, swimming and other rotational sports.  It was also invented by Joseph Pilates...a man.

Is Pilates Safe?

Definitely.  Pilates is known as an "Intelligent Movement" and is so safe it is recommended by Physios, Osteopaths, Doctors and Surgeons.   If you have any specific physical conditions, or recovering from surgery or injury, then it's best to have an initial assessment and a few 1:1s first before joining a mixed class.

What can I expect from a class?

The class experience will vary depending on a number of factors.  If you are new to Pilates, the class will be at a gentle pace to help to bring your awareness to your own movement patterns, breath and posture.  As your level of experience and competence increases, the class will become more dynamic and flowing. 

Do I need to bring a mat?

Everything is provided at the Pilates WareHouse so just bring yourself.  If you have your own favourite mat then you are welcome to use it. 

How long is a class?

Classes are usually 55 minutes unless otherwise agreed with the instructor in advance.  

How do I book a class?

All customers are required to register with us before starting classes and to complete a brief health questionnaire so that we are aware of any issues which may affect your movement.  After that, you can let us know which types of classes you are interested in and we can let you know of our availability.  You can speak to us at the end of your class, telephone us or contact us via email.  You can book a regular class each week or chop and change.  We can offer you both the reliability and also the flexibility you want.  

Can I cancel a class?

As long as you qualify for an 'early cancel' (ie. you give us 24 hours notice) you can cancel and rearrange your class without incurring a late cancellation fee.  We operate a strict cancellation policy as we have very limited spaces and we wish to remain fair to all customers.  If you have very short notice please contact us as there may be a waiting list for the class - if we can transfer the class place to another customer we will not impose the cancellation fee.  If you book but simply don't turn up then you will be charged. 

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