What We Offer

At the Pilates WareHouse we have a range of classes and we are confident that we can provide something for everyone. 

We specialise in equipment based Pilates and offer Reformer classes or Studio Equipment Classes which uses all of  the equipment originally used by Joseph Pilates.  

Do you want Group Pilates Classes or Private Sessions?  The fun experience of a group class is great if working out with others helps you stay motivated and in focus.  Private sessions are perfect if you are new to Pilates, have rehabilitational needs or a previous injury.  

Every class is taught under close supervision.  To maintain the high quality of teaching and close, personal supervision we specifically provide small group classes.  We want you to have the best experience possible - will never compromise class size - we guarantee to remain small to maintain quality.

We provide a confidential and supportive environment, to help you to safely and effectively find the potential to move freely in a way you might have previously thought unimaginable.

Together we can improve your patterns of movement with a personalised program to address your own goals.  It is your body and the program will be all about you! The results you see and feel in your sessions can be incorporated into your daily life.

If you are not sure which classes would be right for you, please contact us and we can help you make a safe choice. 

There is a Pilates class to suit you at the Pilates WareHouse. 

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