Pilates For Back Pain


Contact Sue Welham on 07527 721616

It is well known that Pilates has proven to be a safe form of exercise and is therefore regularly recommended by doctors, physiotherapists and osteopaths.  Pilates strengthens and tones deep, postural core muscles resulting in a stronger body, balanced muscle tone and ease of movement.

We are offering Pilates classes specifically for those suffering from back and neck pain providing support in the transition from rehabilitation practitioners (physio or osteo) into self management and general group Pilates classes.

The classes are suitable for those with mid, low or upper back pain including neck pain and headaches. It will help you make a safe and effective transition between your rehabilitation into group Pilates classes. Throughout the classes Sue will introduce you to the principles of Pilates and how they can help to relate to back and neck pain. 

Our classes will always be small (max 4) to ensure maximum supervision and individual attention.  Due to smaller class size, spaces are limited and so booking in advance is essential.

All classes subject to a 24hr cancellation policy (please see our Terms and Conditions).

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