Private Tuition and Duets

At the Pilates WareHouse we also offer a completey bespoke service.  1:1 (Private) Pilates sessions are particularly helpful for those requiring more focused attention or those suffering from chronic pain or recovering from injuries.  Our personalised Pilates training sessions are also great if you want to customize your individual goals or if you want to work at your own pace in a confidential and supportive environment.

In 1:1 sessions we can offer you all the benefits of a personalised programme using all the Pilates equipment and helping you to focus upon your own movement potential in a safe and private environment.   

The sessions are uniquely tailored for you and your body, based upon your individual movement patterns and address your specific goals.   It is your body and the programme will be all about you!  The results you see and feel in your sessions can be incorporated into your daily life so that your improvements will continue. 


"Man should bear in mind and ponder over the Greek admonition - Not Too Much, Not Too Little"

                                             Joseph Pilates

All classes subject to a 24hr cancellation policy (please see our Terms and Conditions).  

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