Studio Classes

The Pilates Studio is the ideal environment to support movement, whatever your age and experience.  The equipment uses spring tension to provide you with support and also to give you some resistance to increase the challenge.  Pilates Studio sessions are the perfect way to re-educate the body towards more intelligent movement patterns.  They are perfect for anyone who would prefer to work on their own individual movement goals or who may have had any injuries or movement imbalances.

The Pilates Studio Equipment consists of Pilates Reformer, Trapeze Table and Tower Bar, Combo Chair, Spine Corrector, Ladder Barrel and more.  The Pilates WareHouse is fully equipped.

Our Studio Pilates classes offer an affordable way of experiencing a more personalised programme using the full range of Pilates Studio equipment within a small group setting.  They are a kind of half-way-house between small classes and personal tuition. The class is taught under close supervision and tailored to your individual needs.  Sessions will be shared with a maximum of only 3 other class members, giving you much more individual attention. 

If you have never used the Studio Equipment before you will need to have a Studio Starter Package before joining a Studio Pilates Class so that we can assess your posture and movement patterns and any restrictions you may have.  The package includes an initial personal (1:1) assessment of your movement and posture.  You will aslo receive a further 3 Studio Class sessions as part of the package and you will use all the equipment with your own, personalised programme . 

Studio Circuits

We also have Studio Circuit group classes which are more dynamic, flowing classes with up to 6 people following a circuit using all the studio equipment.  A great way to get more of a workout and self-practise, ideal for those wanting a more challenging class. 

"Physical fitness can neither be achieved by wishful thinking nor outright purchase"

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All classes subject to a 24hr cancellation policy (please see our Terms and Conditions).

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